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Car Insurance in New Zealand

Car Insurance in New Zealand

Car insurance is a policy that covers your vehicle against damage caused in the event of an accident. As well, car insurance gives you financial protection in case you are injured or you injure other people. Vehicle insurance varies across different localities. This article examines the basics of vehicle insurance in New Zealand.

Compulsory third party insurance
Car insurance is optional in New Zealand because of the compulsory third party, a policy managed by Accident Compensation Corporation, which covers injuries and some car damage. Compulsory third party insurance is funded by revenue generated from motor vehicle registration.

In the case of an accident, compulsory third party insurance will compensate you for injuries regardless of who was at fault. The vehicle insurance will also cater for the costs of damage caused by your car to other people’s property.

For this reason, if you lack complementary car insurance, you will be required to spend your money in making repairs. If you were the one at fault during the accident, you would also have to compensate those whose property was damaged in the crash.

Why You Need a Complimentary Motor Vehicle Insurance
Third party Car insurance NZ covers you against losses incurred during an accident. For instance, your vehicle insurance may give you financial compensation worth the value of your vehicle before it was involved in a crash.

The vehicle insurance will also cover you against damage caused by your car to other people. Besides, if the law holds you liable to compensate individuals involved in an accident, your auto insurance company will take over the cost.

Types of car insurance policies in New Zealand
There are four types of car insurance in New Zealand which include third party fire and theft, third party car, specialized car, and comprehensive auto insurance.

Comprehensive car insurance protects car owners against costs of damage to your vehicle. It also caters for injuries caused by your car to other people’s vehicles, and or property. Comprehensive auto insurance may also cover you against car theft and accidents related to a fire.

Just like its name, third party fire and theft car insurance covers you against auto theft and protects you against damage caused to your car by a fire accident. This policy will also cater for repair expenses caused by your vehicle to a third party. The system does not protect car owners who are not at fault.

Third party car insurance is relatively cheaper than comprehensive and third party fire and theft insurances. This insurance policy only covers you against damage caused by your car to other people’s property. It is best suited for old and cheap cars.

Specialized vehicle insurance insures people who own cars aged above 25 years. Specialized car insurance works like the comprehensive car insurance. The difference is that the policy is effective if your vehicle stays under a set mileage.

Rental vehicle insurance
New Zealand transport regulations require car hire companies to provide an insurance policy that covers their clients against accidents, theft, and other types of damage that can happen to the leased car.